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Threading is an ancient hair removal technique where antibacterial cotton is used in a special method to remove facial hair and shape beautiful eyebrows. A threading artist twists the cotton and rolls this over the skin to gently lift the entire hair from the follicle. 

We recommend no tweezing for 2 weeks prior to your appointment and in between visits. 

$17.00 - Brow 

Includes a proper analysis and shaping of the brow area

$14.00 - Lip

Threading of the upper lip area

$14.00 - Chin

Threading of the chin area

Threading of both the lip and brow area

$26.00 - Lip & Brow Combo

Threading of the lip and chin area

$26.00 - Lip & Chin Combo

Threading of the forehead area

$14.00 - Forehead

Threading of the cheeks/sideburns

$14.00 and up - Cheeks/Sideburns

Threading of the full face including the brows. Does not include the neck.

$55.00 - FULL FACE

Threading of the neck area 

$14.00 and up - Neck