Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics

Our Team

Davianne ↠ Owner ↠ Paramedical Aesthetician ↠ Makeup artist

Davianne is the founder & owner of Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics which was established in 2013. She embarked on her journey into the skin care and makeup world at a young age after struggling with acne herself leaving her with terrible post inflammatory hyperpigmentation/scarring. After finding innovative ways to resolve her her own skin concerns she grew passionate about helping others look and feel their best. Davianne is a makeup artist and licensed Paramedical Aesthetician with Components of a PhD in Chemical Peels. She is also certified in Microneedling and specializes in all aesthetic services. She uses her previous pre-medical studies from when she attended Jacksonville University to help her customize treatments for clients by utilizing cell science.  Davianne feels Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics has always been about the experience and results and hopes you will feel the same!

Change a skin, change a life.


Samantha ↠Spa Director

Samantha is the Spa Director at Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics. She enjoys interacting and building relationships with each client while also ensuring that clients receive the best possible experience with each visit. Samantha has a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Finance which was initially started at Kansas State University and finished at University of North Florida.

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Jennifer ↠ Assistant Manager ↠ Massage Therapist

Jennifer has been a massage therapist for 4 years. The best part of Jennifer's career are the personable and professional relationships she builds with clients and also being able to educate her clients about their bodies. She is certified in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage. Jennifer is also trained in our full body treatments which include our Ultimate Body Glow Treatment, Hot Mud Cocoon wrap, Replenishing/Sculpting Body wraps, and Enzyme Therapy. Pair these services with our Luxury Bath Soaks for the full experience!


Adam ↠ Massage Therapist

Adam is a massage therapist with over ten years of experience. He comes from a military background and is a war veteran. Adam is the son of chiropractor, Dr. Alfred States, D.C. This has helped him have a deeper understanding of the full inner workings of the body long before his decision to become a massage therapist. Although he excels in many modalities of massage therapy. Adam has helped those suffering with Bell’s Palsy and TMJ. He is also skilled at deep tissue and sports massage utilizing functional stretching to improve range of motion. It also helps to improve agility and athletic performance.