Signature Facials

FREE - 30 Minute Skin Care Treatment and Product Consultation

Sit back and relax while our skilled aestheticians takes an in depth look at your skin during a FREE 30 minute consultation. Our aestheticians will do a thorough analysis to evaluate which products and treatments will yield maximum results for you.

$55 - Teen Facial

Bring balance to your skin! Especially during a time of constant change. Our teen facial is beyond effective unlike any other teen facial around. Skin concerns such as dry, sensitive, combination and blemished skin will be addressed. You will experience fast, visible results and will be on the path to an even skin tone, a more refined texture, a clearer complexion, smaller pores, and luminous skin. Gain all of this all while learning proper skin care techniques for at home!

$49 - Custom Express Facial

Our most popular facial now comes in an express version! In just 30 minutes, our Express Custom Custom Facial can have you glowing, polished, and renewed and utilizes our full selection of masques and enzyme treatments. Perfect for a lunchtime facial or pre-makeup application for a flawless finish on a special occasion. Includes a basic cleansing, masque application, Lumi Enzyme Hand Treatment, and custom masque application balancing, hydration, and basic facial massage.

$70 - Deep Cleansing Facial

Designed specifically to counteract congested pores and everyday pollutants imposed on skin. Clarifying botanical ingredients create detoxifying benefits leaving your skin cleansed, clear and invigorated. This facial also includes hot towels, steam, a neck massage, hand massage, and an organic charcoal masque to draw out impurities and congestion to leave the skin more luminous, radiant, supple and energized. *Light extractions are included; additional extraction time, if chosen, may slightly increase service price

$85 - Advanced Acne Treatment Facial

The Advanced Acne Treatment Facial is a revolutionary skincare treatment due to effectiveness and how quickly results are able to be seen, and the quality of products. Safely treat acne prone skin while stimulating cell renewal, optimal tissue rebuilding, and healing current acne prone areas. *This facial is not recommended for those with seafood allergies or overly sensitive skin; **Please expect to have a temporarily "flushed" or " slightly sunburned" appearance" due to some of the products used; tingling or sensitivity may occur and last for a slight period after with touch. ***Light to medium extractions are included; additional extraction time may be added on, if chosen, but may slightly increase service price.

$89 - Advanced Custom Facial

Our most popular facial takes a clinical approach on skin care and is perfectly tailored towards your skin's needs. After your consultation our skilled aestheticians will then apply botanical medical grade products and utilize advanced techniques that will be most effective for combating your skin's concerns. This facial features a plethora of treatment masques and enzyme treatments including, but not limited to our signature rose and pumpkin masques with glycolic, papaya and pineapple enzyme masque, clarifying masque with charcoal and DMAE, hydrating masque, renewal masque with lactic, malic, tartaric, & vitamin C, our firming and lifting mud masque, and more. *Light extractions are included; additional extraction time, if chosen, may slightly increase service price

$89 - Ultrasonic Facial with Microcurrent

The Ultrasonic Facial features three treatment phases and is a gentle, non-invasive, safe treatment. This Ultrasonic Facial can be performed on almost all skin types making it an excellent choice and can be effectively performed on those with acne, mature skin, and even overly sensitive skin, including Rosacea. This complete treatment offers 3 different Treatment Phases: Phase 1 - Cavitation: The first treatment phase initiates with exfoliation using distilled water and Ultrasonic vibrations. This allows safe and effective removal of 20% to 50% of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of skin. Phase 2 - Sonophoresis Infusion: The second phase features ultrasound and allowing your treatment to be fully customized. The device works by dramatically increasing the depth and rate at which these active ingredients are absorbed into the layers of the skin. Your aesthetician will select a custom serum to infuse that's best for you and your concerns (e.g. antioxidant, hydrator, light peel/brightening serum, moisturizer or salicylic acid (for clogged pores)). Phase 3 - Microcurrent Therapy: This phase is medically proven to restore natural electrical charge for individual cells. When cellular damage occurs due to environmental causes, like overexposure to the sun or aging, the cells electrical current is adversely affected. This phase helps to restore the electric current and to promote healing and cell regeneration.

$99 - Custom European Facial

Our European Relaxation Facial rejuvenates and restores your skin's suppleness. This facial includes extractions, a customized masque, steam, & double hot towels; it concludes with a face, neck, shoulder, arm, & hand massage. This helps to relieve tension in the body allowing for better blood flow, circulation, and lymphatic drainage.*Light extractions are included; additional extraction time, if chosen, may slightly increase service price

$135 - Full Microdermabrasion Treatment Plus Custom European Facial

This deluxe 75 minute combined treatment includes elements of both our signature Custom European Facial and our Parisian Peel Medical Microdermabrasion treatment and is the perfect treatment for those seeking the benefits and aggression of medical microdermabrasion, but the relaxation of our signature facials. Your treatment will includes a medical microdermabrasion session, steam, double hot towels, extractions, post enzymatic exfoliation, an enzyme masque, and an arm, hand, shoulder, massage, followed by a balancing toner, serum, and a brief, invigorating facial massage. This is our premier microdermabrasion treatment sure to leave your skin radiantly glowing and healthy.

$79 - Men's Facial

Designed around men's special skin care needs. This moisturizing yet clarifying facial will help unclog congested pores while helping to alleviate ingrown hairs and buff away dead skin. Our Men's Facial features hot towels, steam, a plush heated bed, custom masque, light extractions, and a face and neck massage. *Light extractions are included; additional extraction time, if chosen, may slightly increase service price

$65 - Back Facial Treatment

This spa treatment just for your back utilizes techniques most effective and the face. Back facials clarify and soften the skin of the back while providing a deep moisturizing treatment which will leave the you with a healthy, clear, and glowing back. Available for both men and women and completely customizable to target specific skin types or issues such as clogged pores and acne on the back. Includes hot towels, steam, an exfoliating camphor scrub for purification, and an invigorating purifying mud mask.