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Microneedling - (CIT)


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or Microneedling

ProCell Therapies provides the most effective MicroNeedling treatment on the market today. Its unique design creates clean, evenly distributed micro perforations to induce maximum collagen production.  The system creates hundreds of thousands to millions of micro-channels in the skin, stimulating keratinocytes to message fibroblasts to enhance natural collagen production. Microscopic perforations in the skin will also substantially increase the effects of topically applied serums since it allows deeper penetration of these serums.  ProCell Therapies uses a potent growth factor serum that is derived from stem cells.  These serums are quite effective on their own, but when combined with microneedling they yield even more dramatic results.

Benefits to CIT:

  • softens and plumps lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production
  • noticeably reduces acne scarring
  • comparable results to invasive laser treatments (at a third the cost)
  • minimal to no downtime
  • breaks up surgical scarring
  • decreases stretch marks
  • reverses hyperpigmentation by activating melanocytes in the skin
  • decreases pore size by thickening the collagen
  • suitable for ALL skin types
  • increases skin vitality and health naturally
  • deeper product penetration (increased absorption of product by 1,000 x )