Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics



Loyalty Rewards

Earn money towards services  just by being a valued client!

Create an online account now and receive 300 points! 

Points easily accumulate and can be redeemed each time they reach 1000.


1000 Points=$5.00

Members receive double points

First Time Service=100 Points

Create Online Account=300 Points

Book Online=100 Points

Pre-Book at Checkout (1st time)=250 Points

Pre-Book at Checkout=100 Points

Customer Birthday=500 Points

Customer Anniversary=500 Points

Any Purchase=1 Point/$

Any Retail Purchase=1 Point/$

Any Service Purchase=1 Point/$

Series=1 Point/$

Package=1 Point/$

Gift Certificates=2 Point/$

VIP Rewards


Membership Benefits Include:

  • Double Loyalty Points 
  • Included Monthly Treatment
  • Unlimited Additional Discounted Rate Services
  • Discounted Retail Purchases
  • Discounted Gift Certificates
  • Family Sharing
  • Rollover Treatments


Sign up in person at our spa, over the phone by calling us Tuesday through Saturday 904.385.9549,

or conveniently online by clicking here.


Which monthly treatments are featured in the $49.00 VIP Skin Rewards Membership?

Each month your membership includes an included treatment. Customize your monthly spa regimen with your therapist with one (1) of the following included services; Customized Massage - 60min | The Ultimate Body Glow Scrub | Advanced Custom Facial | Men's Facial | Ultrasonic Facial |Advanced Acne Treatment Facial | Microdermabrasion - Full Treatment| 50% Glycolic Acid Peel | 70% Lactic Acid Peel.

Discounts on additonal services other than the included monthly treatment

Members may receive unlimited discounted services outside of the included monthly treatment at the discounted rate of 30% off. This discount shall also apply to upgrades, add-ons, and gift certificates.

Discounts on upgrades and add-ons

Members will also receive a discount of 30% on all upgrades and add-ons.

Discounted Guest Services

Members may bring a guest with them to the spa to share their discount of 30% off of our full treatment menu as long as the member is accompanying them.

Gift Certificate Discounts

Members shall receive a discount of 30% towards any gift certificate purchase. This may not be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Retail Discounts

Members shall receive a discount of 10% off of retail purchases. This may not be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Family Add-on

With a Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics Membership, family can join at a discounted monthly rate. Want to transfer that month's treatment or service to a family member? No problem. Simply pay $10.00 additional at the time of service.


Members can share one treatment per month with a designated friend or family by paying a transfer fee of only $10.00 per service or treatment at the time of service. The member must personally notify Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics in advance of who will be redeeming their monthly treatment.

Rollover Treatments

Unused treatments will rollover and be available for use as long as membership is active, current, and/or unfrozen. Unused treatments must be used prior to membership cancellation or they will be forfeited.

Is this a contract or month-to-month?

Our spa is different because we don't believe in locking you into lengthy one year contracts. You will find that our memberships auto-renew on a month-to-month basis using EFT and may be cancelled at anytime with advanced written notification. We simply ask that before cancelling your membership that you use any unused included treatments that have rolled over or they will be forfeited.

Freezing a membership

Members are eligible to freeze their membership after making their first payment and after a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days. Programs may be unfrozen at any time at least 30 days after the start of the freeze or will automatically recommence on the pre-determined freeze end date. At the end of the program freeze term, your dues will continue with your next scheduled electronic funds transfer (EFT) date. Remember that you must be a member for a minimum of 31 days before you may freeze your program. A membership must be unfrozen a minimum of 30 days before it can be frozen again.

Cancellation during auto-renewal term

You may cancel your membership upon 30-day advance written notice to Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics. All and any unused facials and/or services must be used within program period prior to cancellation or they ALL unused services will be forfeited.