Front Desk Coordinator


Melissa is a licensed cosmetologist with a background in customer service and also has experience in the salon, spa, and cosmetic industry. She has worked with major cosmetic brands such as "Smashbox" Cosmetics and has a thorough understanding of skin care.. Melissa utilizes her background knowledge to assist the guests and clients of our spa in making the best possible service selection(s).


Licensed Massage Therapist

Coral is dedicated to the profession of healing and massage therapy. She makes every attempt to strive for your comfort, provide healing, and encourage prevention of injury and disease by using a variety of techniques and modalities. Coral customizes each session for your specific needs, confident that she can return you to a comfortable state of being, balancing mind, body, and soul.


Licensed Massage Therapist


Adam is a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer. Adam himself knows what it's like to experience pain and trauma. He's broken his neck, crushed his vertebrae, and herniated and ruptured the discs in his neck  and back. He's also had seven whiplash injuries, a blown out knee, and vision/hearing impairment from serving in the Desert Storm along with PTSD. Adam started his massage therapy journey to learn how to "fix him" not realizing that he'd fall in love with care-giving. He has worked at spas such as the Mona Lisa as the lead therapist, however his passion is also rehabilitation through chiropractic care. He feels this is likely because his father was a chiropractor.  Adam says he finds deep Zen satisfaction in his work and his friends notice that he loves what he does.



Licensed Medical Aesthetician | Owner



Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics is owned by Davianne Beepot, licensed medical aesthetician. Davianne founded Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics after becoming licensed when she was working for several other spas when she felt that she was not able to offer the customized experience that she so longed to give. She wanted to create a spa where the everything would be tailored to the customers needs from customer service all the way down to the specific treatment which should pertain to each individual, not the masses. Davianne holds several certifications, such as components of a PhD in Chemical Peels, MicroNeedling, Skin Analysis, Skin Revision, Oncology Aesthetics, Nutritional Aesthetics, Threading, and more; She also partakes in an abundance of continuing education in order to offer clients her absolute best. Her vision is to make each and every individual look and feel their best by helping them achieve radiant and healthy skin.  Davianne is results driven with a medical background and is highly invested in your overall satisfaction and success.