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A key component to the success of Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics has been our staff of dedicated employees who clearly understand the value of each client and are committed to outstanding customer service. Understanding this, our treatment center values each of their employees and is committed to providing a work environment that allows for growth and advancement. Our demands are high and we continually look for people who can commit to our standards and bring innovation and a work ethic dedicated to excellence.

We are always accepting new applications and reviewing for new talent!

At least one year working in spa or hospitality setting and provide Professional Liability Insurance for service providers

If you are interested in a position with Ravishing Beauty Aesthetics, please send cover letter and resume to support@rbaspa.com and indicate your work availability. We also request that you fill out our confidential employment application below for further consideration.

Application for Employment

We appreciate your interest in our organization and assure you that we are sincerely interested in your qualifications. A clear understanding of your background and work history will help us potentially place you in a position that meets your objectives and those of the organization. Qualified applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or the presence of a non-job related medical condition or disability (mental or physical).
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Please provide at least 3 references (i.e., former employers, landlords, or clients). Do NOT give a relative or friend as a reference
Please provide the following details: Name, Phone Number, Assocation, Years Known
Please provide the following details: Name, Phone Number, Assocation, Years Known
Please provide the following details: Name, Phone Number, Assocation, Years Known
Please provide the following details: Name, Phone Number, Assocation, Years Known
Please provide the following details: Name, Phone Number, Assocation, Years Known
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This section only needs to be filled out by those applying for therapist positions
Do you have professional Liability/Malpractice Insurance?
We require proof of insurance upon hiring for all service providers
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Employment History
Please include type of business, company name and location, reason for leaving, and description of duties.
Please include type of business, company name and location, reason for leaving, and description of duties.
May we contact these employers?
Any acceptance of employment will be predicated upon the truthfulness of the written and verbal statements contained within this Application and preemployment process. I understand that should my employer find that any statement I have made is not truthful, any job extended to me may be withdrawn and, if employed, I may be subject to termination
I authorize all corporations, companies, former employers, credit agencies, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, city, state, county and federal courts, military services and persons to release information they may have about me to the person or company with which this form has been filed, or their agent, and release all parties involved from any liability and responsibility for doing so. I also authorize the procurement of an investigative consumer report and understand that it may contain information about my background, mode of living, character and personal reputation. This authorization, in original or copy form, shall be valid for this and any future reports or updates that may be requested. Further information may be available upon written request within a reasonable period of time.
I understand this Application for Employment is not to be confused as a guarantee of employment for a specific time. I further understand that my employment with this company does not constitute any form of contract, implied or expressed, and such employment will be terminable at will either by myself or my employer upon notice of one party to the other. My continued employment is dependent on satisfactory performance and the continued need for my services as determined by this organization.
I grant my employer approval, after my termination of employment to release information which it may deem appropriate regarding my employment with or termination from the organization, to anyone who has a reasonable basis for making such inquiry. So long as the information disclosed is not known by this organization to be inaccurate, this organization shall not incur legal liability of any nature in connection with the furnishing of such information.
I understand that my Application for Employment will be placed in an active status for a period of six months during which time it will be reviewed as job openings occur in my area(s) of job interest. I also understand that should I wish to continue being considered for job openings beyond the six month period, I must reapply by (a) submitting a new Application for Employment or by (b) submitting a letter requesting renewal of my Application and including an update of my qualifications (recent work history, educational achievements, etc.).
I acknowledge that I have read all of the above statements and that I understand them.
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Applicant Signature
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